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Men'S And Women'S Spring And Summer Korean Hats

Men'S And Women'S Spring And Summer Korean Hats

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Product information:
Product category: fisherman hat
Applicable gender: neutral/male and female
Material: Cotton polyester
Style: Korean
Popular elements: embroidery
Pattern: Letters
Hat top style: flat top
Hat style: wide brim
Color: 1A: Strawberry, 2A: Departure, 3A: Little Brother/Little Sister, 4A: Forgive/Unforgive, 5A: Busy to Make Money/Busy Cute, 6A: Indulge in Study/Grassing Day by Day, 7A: Greed for Money /Being a Laity, 8A: Smiley/Smile, 9A: Only Rich Sorrow yellow and black, 10A: world peace, 11A: something yellow and black, 12A: little yellow duck yellow and black,13A: little yellow duck yellow and white, 14A: little yellow duck yellow and pink, 15A:not interested/very interested,, 16A:the hope of the whole village yellow and black, 17:fortunately meeting/long Yang, 18A:don't Disturbance/Meeting, 19A:how to relieve worries/Only get rich white and black, 20A:make money to support a family/beautiful, 21A:bad temper/serious lack of money, 22A:infinite love/extremely addicted,23A: why I am so beautiful/was awake by myself, 24A: why am I so beautiful/ Was awake by his own handsome white, 25A: already has a beautiful girlfriend,26A: has a handsome boyfriend, 27A: is unreasonably handsome/beautiful and unreaso nable, 28A: can't finish classes/nights, 29A: little warm guy, 30A:little princess/snack goods, 31A:Smiley face is white and pink, 32A: bad temper / simple and rude, 33A: the person of love , 34A:stainless flower double-sided yellow and black,35A: the revival of the great country, 36A:the person of love is red and black
Size: M (56-58cm)
Function: sunshade
Applicable scene: shopping and outing

Packing list:
Fisherman hat x1

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