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Intellectual learner kindergarten children assembling toys

Intellectual learner kindergarten children assembling toys

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Product specifications: 2.8cm*1cm*6pc

Material: plastic, magnet

The product is made up of magnets, has no odor, is safe and reliable, and can be safely used by children.

A fun house cartoon toy that combines fun cartoon puzzles! It is fun and convenient for children to learn arithmetically, and the colors are bright and varied.

Letting the children move their hands can improve the children's hands-on ability and the children's favorite products.

Suitable for amusement parks, ecological parks, sales around schools, square stalls,

In particular, you can provide gifts for milk, student supplies and other products!
This is a baby birthday, the best gift the parents give to the children.

It is the best reward for the kindergarten teacher to send to the children in the class.

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